Table and Room Sizing

The following chart will help you find the right table and cue size for your room.

A full size Cue Stick is 58" long and weighs between 17 and 21 ounces. For constricted areas or for smaller players, short cues are available in 52", 48", 42" and 36" lengths.

Recommended Minimum Room Sizes

Table Size: 7'
(Approx. 51"x90")
(Approx. 56"x100")
(Approx. 58"x104")
(Approx. 62"x112")
(Approx. 68"x124"
Playing Field: 39"x78" 44"x88" 46"x92" 50"x100" 56"x112"
Cue Length: 58" 12'11"x16'2" 13'4"x17'0" 13'6"x17'4" 13'10"x18'0" 14'4"x19'0"
Cue Length: 52" 11'11"x15'2" 12'4"x16'0" 12'6"x16'4" 12'10"x17'0" 13'4"x18'0"
Cue Length: 48" 11'3"x14'6" 11'8"x15'4" 11'10"x15'8" 12'2"x16'4" 12'8"x17'4"
Cue Length: 42" 10'3"x13'6" 10'8"x14'4" 10'10"x14'8" 11'2"x15'4" 11'8"x16'4"
Cue Length: 36" 9'3"x12'6" 9'8"x13'4" 9'10"x13'8" 10'2"x14'4" 10'8"x15'4"