Customer Testimonials

Bullet"By practicing and sharpening my abilities at home on your top quality table, I was able to help my team win the state competition and compete in Las Vegas for a national title. Now our pool team collectively owns three of your tables and we have repeated as state pool champs for three consecutive years. We owe a lot of that to you. Thank you."
Bullet"Whenever my wife and I throw a party or when friends and family come to visit, we usually wind up in the cellar playing pool until all hours of the night. Everyone is impressed by your table - and my good taste. I have you (and my wife) to thank for that..."
Bullet"I moved to Ocala, and when I called a local company to put the table back together, they could not believe the incredible workmanship that went into this table and asked me to refer them to Jacobi billiards for them to distribute..."
Bullet"Chuck's talent and experience building pool tables really shines through when you see the quality and craftsmanship of his finished product. Why buy a [brand X] or [brand Y] when you could own a hand-crafted, custom built Jacobi?!"
Bullet"A beautiful pool table of superior quality that looks and plays great. It's a wonderful addition to my home. I would not only recommend your table to anyone in the market for one, but would also not hesitate to steer someone away from other top brands without meeting you first. Your tables are excellent and well priced."
Bullet"I would like to share my total satisfaction and pride for the incredible ‘Carom Table’ that Chuck from Jacobi Billiards built from me. For many years, I had been looking for a Carom Table that could also be converted to a normal Pool Table. The only thing I could find were old Brunswick tables in terrible shape. It is then when I asked Chuck Jacobi to manufacture for me a table that would be of beautiful finish, but could also easily be converted to play regular pool games or Carom. Chuck did a super job. Not only did he design a beautiful table with incredible materials, finishes and woodwork, but in quick 5 minutes it can be converted into either a beautiful Pool Table or to a professional Carom Table. All this with a price similar to what I would pay for one of the prefabs offered by pool table companies."
Bullet"I am proud to be an owner of a Billiards table manufactured by The Best Billiards: Jacobi Billiards."

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