Billiard Lamps and Lighting

Good lighting is essential to your enjoyment of the game. Again, style and function can both be satisfied as there are a wide variety of quality lamps and price ranges.

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Billiard lamps are specifically designed to provide glare-free lighting of the entire playing field, not the room. Recessed lighting or other ceiling mounted fixtures can provide good game table lighting and can leave the air space over the pool table more open, but may be difficult to design correctly and may limit flexibility of table placement. In fact, standards organizations worldwide have developed specific requirements for lighting quality.

For a professional installation, follow the following guidelines:

  • Pool table lamps should be no closer than 30" above the playing surface; or alternately, the bottom of the shade should be at eye level.
  • Lighting should be even all the way to the table edge;
  • Bright lights should be screened from direct view;
  • A 7' long pool table should use a light at least 40" long;
  • An 8' long pool table should use a light at least 50" long, equivalent to a 3 shade design;
  • A 9' long pool table should use a light at least 60" long, equivalent to a 4 shade design.

When planning your game room, you can select wall, area, and spot lighting that coordinates with your billiard lamp and game room theme and colors. To start, you can view a wide selection of quality billiard table lamps through the following links:

Quality Billiard Lighting:
HiLite Manufacturing. Made in the USA.
Toltec: Family Owned and Operated since 1970

Sports and other Themes: Imperial International

Order from your chosen supplier or Best Billiards can order your lighting and coordinate delivery to your timetable.