Billiard Cues

Function and style come together again when picking a pool cue. Whether you are choosing a personal cue or filling a rack for your friends and family, Best Billiards has cues from the top manufacturers. Test your choices in the shop, then once you find a manufacturer's cue that plays best for you, Best Billiards can get your chosen que with your choice of inlays and artwork. You can view cues at and

How to pick a cue...

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  1. The Basics: The most important considerations in selecting a cue are size and balance. Most custom cues are constructed of a handle (called a butt) and shaft that screw or lock together, while most "house" cues are one-piece cues.
  2. Sizing: Full sized cues are 58 inches long and weigh between 18 and 21 ounces. Short cues are available in 52", 48", 42" and 36" lengths for younger or smaller players, or to aid play in small or restricted areas (see the section Sizing Your Table). Players should use the longest cue that they can handle properly, but cues that are too long can be awkward, unbalanced and will not provide a good experience. If a full-sized cue is too long, here's how to find the right length:
    • Start with a cue that is a little longer than the player is tall.
    • Find the balance point by balancing the cue across your forefinger.
    • Have the player hold the cue at or behind the balance point, and try shooting, adjusting the grip forward or backward until they feel and look comfortable.
    • If the player needs to "choke up" forward of the balance point, the cue is too long, but if not then the cue is probably the right length.
  3. Technology and special features: Different technologies and features are generally provided by different manufacturers. Significant differences include shaft lamination methods; shaft core materials; shaft coatings; and shaft diameter and stiffness. These differences result in different feel and action, and the stiffer the cue the more "powerful" it is. Pricing varies significantly with features and manufacturers.
  4. Does it work for you? Once you know the right size and identify some manufacturers that fit your price range, try breaking and playing with different cues to make sure that you are comfortable and feel good about your cue.
  5. What handle design do you like? Each manufacturer has a wide range of handle styles, wraps, artwork and inlays to choose from. Once you have the size an features identified, Best Billiards will order your chosen cue with your chosen handle design.

All Best Billiards tables are provided with 4 cues representing the full range of weights.