Billiard Table Pockets

The many style and color choices for pockets enable you to realize a completely integrated table design. Whether you want a ball return or drop pockets, the pictures below show how beautifully the pocket design can help complete a unique and perfect billiards table.

Pockets must meet BCA standards. In some rare instances, 9' tournament tables may be fitted with narrower pockets. If you are interested in tournament play, narrower pockets are available.

We primarily use pocket materials from Hood Leather Goods, which is widely considered among the very best manufacturer of pool table pockets in the billiard industry. Hood Leather gives you choices of 15 different colors, 23 shield designs, and 5 fringe styles in 50 colors.

  • Pool Corner Pocket Shield
  • Billiard Corner Pocket Fringe
  • Billiard Table Ball Return Pocket
  • Billiard Table Flush Ball Return Pocket
  • Billiard Table Drop Pocket
  • Pool Table Corner Drop Pocket