Billiard Table Cloth

Billiard table cloth serves major functional and aesthetic roles. Not only is it the most visible element of a color scheme, the materials and weave have a profound effect on playing characteristics and durability. Whatever your level of ability, style of play, or environment, Best Billiards can find the right cloth for your application.


Owners can use a wide variety of color choices to create harmonized or contrasting themes that match your room and design intent perfectly. You can see in the pictures below and throughout this website how color is used in different environments and with different table finishes to create a very specific outcome. Tables can also be re-covered as your preferences and wear-and-tear dictate.

Of course, if there are too many choices or if the room design is uncertain, for billiards it's almost impossible to go wrong with "Basic Green," which is a misleading description if ever there was one.

And Function...

For great all-around play, high quality, and good durability, we recommend Championship 4066, a 21oz - 75% wool, 25% nylon weave with a wide selection of colors and teflon protection. More serious players will appreciate Simonis 860, which is the most widely respected performance cloth, bar none. Its 90% wool,10% nylon worsted construction provides consistent speed, truer roll, and better response to "english" than all others. Made in Belgium.

  • Tan Color Pool Table Cloth
  • Red Color Billiard Table Cloth
  • Green Color Pool Table Cloth
  • Blue Color Billiard Table Cloth